Sweetest Perfection!

A limited edition of just 80 worldwide. Each bracelet is individually numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The bracelets are skillfully handset in 18K gold with Argyle pink diamonds and specially cut white baguette shaped diamonds.


Our latest collaboration with The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds. Exquisitely handset with 117 rare Argyle pink diamonds and 10oz of pure gold, the extremely limited edition of just 9 showcase an ancient most auspicious mythical creature, the dragon that symbolizes power, strength, and luck.

Recommended Retail Price: AUD 179,000


Stars shining down on the iconic Lake Argyle, nestled among the Kimberley landscape beside the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Each 1oz ingot features eight rare handset Argyle pink diamonds in limited edition mintages. Just 250 in pink gold and 50 in platinum. The Argyle diamonds set in the platinum edition are intense to vivid pink in colour.

Individually numbered and presented in a designer box, each ingot is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


The extraordinary one-of-a-kind collectable celebrates stories of destiny and discovery in a fusion of 2kg of pure gold, four spectacular Argyle pink diamonds and The Perth Mint's exceptional artistry. Two beyond rare tender stones weighing 1.02 and 0.88 carats have been handset within an Australian legal tender coin inspired by the historic holey dollar, the first currency minted in Australia.

These stunning jewels accentuate significant elements in a detailed representation of how the world's most coveted treasures, gold and diamonds, were discovered in the vast Australian outback. The heart of the coin showcases a further two pink diamonds, meticulously positioned within the artwork to signify the sites of momentous finds. A treasure investment with timeless appeal.

Retailing at AUD 2.48 million


We are proud to present our collaboration with The Perth Mint and MGM Studios, "The Pink Panther Ingot". A limited edition with a difference. Crafted by The Perth Mint in 22ct pink gold and platinum, and hand set with Argyle pink diamonds.

An exclusive mintage of just 300 for the 1oz pink gold, 35 for the 1oz platinum, and 8 for the 10oz pink gold ingot. Each ingot is numbered and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


Our collaboration with The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds. A limited edition of 8 pink diamond pave set 10 oz fine gold Australian legal tender coins, showcasing a mythological creature that was known to be the immortal king of all birds and a harbinger of happiness and prosperity.

Retailing at AUD 188,000 each, they have all been ordered.


A handcrafted gift of love to delight the senses, this limited edition Sweet Treats pendant exudes the warmth, beauty and natural colours of diamonds sourced exclusively from the iconic Argyle Diamond Mine.

More than half a carat of Argyle pink diamonds surround a 0.50 carat round brilliant golden diamond, individually numbered and set in 18 carat rose gold. Each golden diamond is numbered, inscribed and comes with an Argyle Orignis™ certificate.


Effortlessly sweet and set for perfection.

The limited edition bracelet of just 80 worldwide is meticulously handcrafted and set with the Argyle pink diamonds and complimenting white baguette shaped diamonds in 18ct gold.

Each one numbered and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


With a collection of just 100 worldwide, the limited edition Argyle Blossom Pendant is an ode to nature and the rarest colour diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Nestled among brilliant white petals, Argyle pink and blue diamonds are set in 18ct gold, with each pendant individually numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authencity.


Sweet perfection. A Limited Edition of just 80 bracelets worldwide, each one numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Argyle pink diamonds interlinked with white baguette cut diamonds, handset in 18ct gold.


To commemorate the Argyle Diamond Mine’s 25th anniversary and following the visit of Oprah Winfrey to Australia. We created 100 limited edition “Argyle Pink Diamond O Pendants”. The rose gold O shaped pendant is pave set with approximately 1.3 carats of Argyle pink diamonds.


35 pairs of ‘O’ earrings were created to match the ‘O’ Pendant. Both editions were sold through Argyle Select Ateliers within 24 hours of launch.​


The Australian Trilogy was another special collaboration between The Perth Mint, Argyle Pink Diamonds and Glajz. The Perth Mint's most precious metals - gold, platinum and rose gold – hand set with rarest pink and violet diamonds exclusively sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine, converge to form three spectacular one kilo Australian coins.

The iconic collection was sold within 30 days of its launch.


A collaboration between The Perth Mint, Argyle Pink Diamonds, and Glajz. The Kimberley Treasure, a rare and dazzling beauty. A world exclusive coin, priced at $1,000,000, sold within 48 hours of its unveiling.

Created from one kilogram of pure gold, this extraordinary masterpiece was inspired by Australia’s majestic Red Kangaroo and beautifully hand set with a round brilliant 0.54 carat red diamond from the Argyle Pink Diamonds Signature Tender. A single edition coin, this legal tender treasure is an Australian icon and part of the country’s history.


The Perth Mint and Argyle Pink Diamonds fuse Mother Nature's most precious elements to present the spectacular Australian Kangaroo 2oz Gold Proof Pink diamond Edition.

The skillfully hand set pink diamond transforms the iconic Australian Kangaroo gold proof coin into a captivating treasure thousands of millennia in the making.

Crafted from 99.99% pure gold and presented in a prestigious case with a Certificate of Authenticity, the Australian Kangaroo 2oz Gold Proof Pink Diamond Edition is an incomparable collectible. Mintage of 300 only.


​Following the Kimberley Sunset, minted from 2oz of 99.99% pure gold in high relief and hand set with a brilliant 0.03ct white diamond, this dazzling release portrays a picturesque scene of an ancient boab tree with rays of sunlight that extend across this unique wilderness at dawn. The diamond was set on the opposite side of the Kimberley Sunset Coin.

With a limited mintage of only 500, each coin is presented in an elegant designer case and accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


An exclusive offering from The Perth Mint, Argyle Pink Diamonds, and Glajz, the coin was crafted from a 22ct rose gold, containing 2oz of 9999 fine gold and was hand set with a precious 0.04ct Argyle pink diamond. With a mintage of 500. It was the first coin in Australia to feature an Argyle pink diamond. This limited edition legal tender masterpiece with its value symbolic denomination, became truly an Australian collectable to treasure.


The design of this ingot pays homage to the rare Gouldian Finch birds and their significance to the landscape in which the world’s rarest diamonds were formed more than a billion years ago.


The theme of this ingot was inspired by the discovery of the world’s rarest diamonds in a glinting anthill.

This is an exclusive mintage of just 6 for the 10oz platinum, 60 for the 1oz platinum, and 200 for the 1oz pink gold ingot. Crafted by The Perth Mint and hand set with a selection of Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid Argyle pink diamonds.


​This ingot features the Boab tree found on Kimberley landscape. It was the first Limited Edition Argyle Pink Diamond Ingot.

An exclusive mintage of only 168, these 1oz pink gold creations were crafted by The Perth Mint and hand set with precious Argyle pink diamonds.