The Secret Pink was designed by using two extremely rare pink diamonds. A large 4.23 carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink internally flawless diamond of a unique oval cut, was set in a manner to view another diamond set underneath. This stone was a 1.39 carat oval stone from Argyle. This special and unusual concept created a powerful pink brilliance.


An iconic masterpiece, the Argyle Blossom ring pays tribute to the heritage of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Featuring six Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender diamonds totaling 3.22 carats, the two million dollar heirloom ring was inspired by the color spectrum found in the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender.

Incorporating sweet pink and delicate violet hues, the floral design in centered around a 0.33 carat Round Brilliant Argyle violet diamond from the 2012 Tender, nestled amongst white diamond petals, bordered by more than one carat of Argyle blue diamonds. Beneath, an intricate setting of more than one carat of Argyle pink diamonds completes this important jewel.


The Argyle Heritage ring was created around 5 Beyond Rare Argyle Pink Diamond Tender stones from various years. For every million carats of rough diamonds produced from the Argyle Diamond Mine, only one polished carat is offered for sale at the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. To have one Tender diamond in a piece of jewellery is enviable, to have five was unprecedented.


This unique "Lover's Knot" bracelet was created from a complete collection of more than 10 carats of vivid and intense Argyle pink diamonds. It was surrounded by almost 30 carats of white diamonds.


Featuring a gem quality Colombian emerald from the pre-eminent Muzo Mine. This 13.20ct, with the rare "No oil enhancement" quality, was attested by SSEF, Gubelin & AGL certificates.

This gemstone exhibits a richly saturated lush green colour and possesses a high clarity that is rarely seen in the market. A unique creation complemented by Argyle pink diamonds, this ring captivates beholder.

The Green Jewel was sold for USD 1.2 million at Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong.


The Argyle Romantica ™ is the first piece produced under the Argyle Pink Diamonds Icon Partner ™ program.
The significance of this ring lies in the union of five exceptional Argyle Pink Diamonds™, totalling 2.31 cts in weight, including a 0.75 ct Fancy Red diamond, two Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamonds and two Fancy Deep Pink diamonds.


Pink and yellow fancy colour diamonds from two Rio Tinto mines - Australia's Argyle and Canada's Diavik, have been combined into a ring. 18.08c ct Fancy Intense Yellow Oval diamond have been set into a ring featuring a bouquet of 4.09 cts of Argyle pink diamonds.